Who is tom welling from smallville dating

He seems to go out of his way to stay out of the spotlight and is very careful about the press interviews he gives.

For over 10-years, the star lived in Vancouver, BC until recently moving back to Los Angeles.

While his days playing the teen version of superman may be over, he continues to remain popular and as a big cult following.

Fans of Welling want to know everything about him, including who he is dating, the color of his eyes and even his shoe size!

Gay Celebrity Gossip will take a look at the life of Tom Welling and explore why gay rumors may float around about the star.

Along the way, we will share some cute pictures of the hunky actor, including a super video that is sure to make you think big things.

Combined his handsome look with a talent in performing he naturally possesses, Tom Welling has truly emerged to the Hollywood film scene as one of the most potential young actors of his generation.