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Rediff noted, "Amrita Rao, who makes her debut in Telugu films, makes a mark." Other critics, such as Sify wrote that, "Amrita Rao is not only beautiful but also glamorous.

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The film faced competition from other films such Raaz 2 and Dev D and failed to do well.

With a huge budget, it only managed to gross That same year, Rao took on the lead role in Neeraj Vora's comedy drama Short Kut: The Con is On opposite Akshaye Khanna, produced by Anil Kapoor.

The film tells the story of several villagers, including a child widow, an abandoned wife, a harried mother, a corrupt neta, a romantic compounder and their serious and mischievous problems.

The film received positive reviews and earned She received a Stardust Best Actress Award for her performance.

In May 2003, Rao starred with Shahid Kapoor in the coming-of-age romance film Ishq Vishk as a college student.

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