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No, that would be the flashback revelation that Ross and Monica accidentally kissed once at a party. To add insult to injury, we also find out that Chandler and Rachel made out once, too, a cruel betrayal to Ross, who famously pined after Rachel for years, and actually a rewrite of the entire Friends’ history, as an earlier flashback established that Rachel and Chandler didn’t meet for the first time until after that.“The One With Ross and Monica’s Cousin”Because one incest storyline is never enough! ”)“The One With the Monkey” We can all mostly agree that Marcel was a beloved addition to the Friends gang, and that his episodes were endearingly goofy.

But let’s not pretend that it wasn’t really freaking odd that Ross would adopt a monkey and that everyone would just be OK with it.“The One With Ross’s Tan” As a testament to what a gross misfire the Rachel-Joey storyline was, what should have been a monumental and shattering moment in its grand arc is actually long-forgotten and overshadowed by an annoyingly silly plot in which Ross botches a fake tan. ) But somehow that all plays second fiddle to Ross not being able to understand instructions and accidentally getting a spray tan that makes George Hamilton look pale (maybe Snooki is a more modern reference point)…but only on one side of his body.

They also kissed in Season 5, Episode 14: The One Where Everybody Finds Out; when they are playing the seduction games. This is mentioned in Season 10, Episode 11: The One Where The Stripper Cries. Phoebe and Monica kissed in Season 4, Episode 23-24: The One With Ross's Wedding, when the group was leaving for London. Joey and Phoebe kissed several times, as mentioned above.

Ross and Phoebe kissed when Ross was depressed after knowing that Carol was a lesbian. This was in Season 3, Episode 6: The One With The Flashback.

This is actually a really cute episode, landing the show’s signature heartwarming-ludicrous balance.