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The Nest ecosystem has made a name for itself with its smart thermostat and smoke detectors, giving you a DIY smarthome option for an affordable price.With its 2014 acquisition of Dropcam, Google’s Nest took its ecosystem beyond home automation and into home security.This feature works exactly as intended and if it weren’t for Nest’s self-hamstringing notification strategy, this alone would make Nest Cam a decent security camera. Although the motion detection works beautifully, once I receive an alert that the Nest Cam detects motion, I cannot receive any alerts for another thiry minutes.

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Basically, it connects your Nest Cam to Nest’s cloud server to process information and limit false alarms.

Nest Aware hyper-focuses your Nest Cam to notice smaller, more subtle movements and distinguish between common patterns (like a tree blowing outside your window) and someone actually breaking into your home.

It works this way so you won’t get swamped by a flood of emails and alerts if your camera picks up a lot of sudden activity.

Only allowing notifications once every thirty minutes creates a huge window of opportunity for a smash-and-grab burglar.

Nest presents Nest Aware as an optional service, but it’s really not.