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It contributed largely to the boom of music games in 1998, and the series expanded not only with arcade sequels, but also moved to home consoles and other portable devices, achieving a million unit sales.

The Bemani line of music games from Konami is named after the series, and was first adopted in the arcade release of Beatmania 3rd Mix and kept ever since.

After all, the repertoire is supposed to form part of your wedding memories. So here’s the list of songs that couples love to choose for their weddings but are anything but wedding-appropriate: Why not: This song is about pining for someone who can’t be with you.

However, Chinese people almost completely changed the plot.

That’s way I didn’t get bored watching all these handsome guys.

The bars indicate the path which rectangular icons cascade down towards a horizontal line near the bottom of the screen.

The player must hit the corresponding key or rotate the turntable when the icon matches with the line, which will trigger a preset sound sample and recomposes the song properly.

Each game consists of a set number of songs of various difficulties, and each song must attain a certain degree of satisfaction from the audience in order to progress to the next.

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    For extra convenience, all functions in the library may now be downloaded as a single file using the download link at the top of the page.

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    A boy, Mark, and his girl, Erica, sit at a little table in a Harvard bar, zinging each other, in that relentless Sorkin style made famous by The West Wing (though at no point does either party say “Walk with me”—for this we should be grateful).

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