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Urban Guidance is an in app purchase for .99, on sale for .99 until October 7, 2012. [App Store] Garmin North America is .99, regularly .99. It supports a number of major cities, listed at the end of this post. For your information In orden to transfer the speedcam database information to your Garmin Street Pilot C510 device you have to use POI loader application. POI Loader Software For your information Remember you can customize freely your download.

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But somehow instructions on how to do this differ greatly online and the Garmin website seemed to have some major issues the day I was trying all of this out.

Some sites suggested I needed some Map Source software while others said I needed the Garmin Map Updater…long story short, after some playing around, here is what I found: First off, after hooking my garmin up to my comptuer via USB I discovered that it mounts just like a regular 2GB flash drive in Windows.

IMG) file back to the GPS’s main memory overwriting the previous CN European Map file.

Since I had this file on the SD card already, there was no need to make it the default map and I could use both simultaneously.

Users can also look at a full-screen 360° view to get a better understanding of their destination's surroundings. [App Store] Garmin Western Europe is $84.99, down from $99.99.

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