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A prophecy tells tale of an apocalypse the likes of which only the truly powerful can stop.

Desperate, Caroline and Stefan aim to ressurrect The First Witch, the mother of magic herself, and beg her to spare their town and save the world.

, the show is saying goodbye to Nina Dobrev and Michael Trevino, who have both been on the show since its pilot. ” I auditioned for Tyler and in the process—one of the last moments until you book the job is you do your network test and then you do your studio test.

So we talked with the jock-turned-wolf-turned-hybrid-turned-temperamental-human about his time as Tyler Lockwood, from the day he auditioned to the day he said goodbye … See what Trevino had to say about all of his milestones: THE AUDITION I remember going in for Damon. Then I went in for Stefan, and I got the no on that. Well, out of everybody that was doing the test—and I can remember seeing Kat Graham there, I remember seeing Zach Roerig—you’re allowed to get 5, maybe 10 minutes in with the director before you do the test.

But with that, the downside was being sired to Klaus, obviously. But I did enjoy being the big bad, “Okay, he’s a hybrid now.” And the fact that even as a werewolf, your bite can kill a vampire—whenever they reminded Stefan and Damon of that, I enjoyed those scenes.