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North Nostalgia News- Round 1 Edition NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS- ROUND 2 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS-ROUND 3 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS-ROUND 4 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS-ROUND 5 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWs-ROUND 6 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 7 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS- ROUND 8 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 9 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 10 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 11 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 12 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 13 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 14 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 15 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 16 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 17 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS- ROUND 18 EDITION In an attempt to improve the Club's existing website in 1999, it was discovered that the Club's holdings of historical photographs and other memorabilia were not properly stored or catalogued. In 1926 North finished fourth at the end of the minor round. Heavy rain began to fall and North added two more points as they continued to dominate play. by Nick Haines Established - 1881 Joined South Australian Junior Football Association - 1885 Joined Adelaide and Suburban Association - 1886 Joined South Australian Football Association - 1888 Changed name to North Adelaide - 1893 North Adelaide's long history can be traced directly back to the formation of the Medindie Football Club.

• Manage the past player database and assist with planning and conducting events for past players. Ken announced that he would not play football again that season. North added two more minor scores and Port a goal to reduce the margin to 14 points at the last change. At the end of the 1887 season football in South Australia was in the midst of a crisis.

The main difficulty in those embryonic days was to work out what to tackle first. North played Sturt (3rd) in the first final but without Farmer they were well beaten. North had several chances to put the issue beyond doubt in the final quarter but could not kick a goal. The clubs competing in the competition were (in order of finish that year) Norwood, Port, Adelaide, South, Hotham, and Gawler, with the newly established West finishing last.

• Investigate and resolve particular questions which the Board may refer to it. This was the third time (1919, 1926 & 1927) that North had 'won' the Final and then be denied by the challenge system. Finally Farmer kicked two more, the second after a strong mark over a pack. In March 1885 the South Australian Junior Football Association was formed, with Medindie as one of the founding members.

• Record the history of the Club faithfully and accurately. Ken Farmer won the award for Best Junior for the ' B' team in 1928 and made an instant impact on debut in 1929 by kicking 62 goals. North had handled the sodden ball with exceptional skill to establish a commanding 23 point lead at the long break. They were reasonably successful in their first season, finishing fourth of nine teams.

The major achievements of the Committee to date have been: •Establishing a database to record details of the Club's memorabilia collection and then cataloguing and storing all memorabilia to archival standards •Scanning the Club's photographic collection to archival standards •Producing books: North Adelaide's Greatest (about our Team of the Century) An Unshakable Will to Win (the story of the 1949 premiership year) North's Record-Making Year (the story of the 1952 premiership year) Never Say Die (the story of the 1960 premiership year) Two Glorious Years (the story of the 19 premiership years) Power, Guts and Glory (the story of the 1987 premiership year) • Acquiring the Farmer collection of scrapbooks and trophies • Mounting two exhibitions: "Legends" (featuring Barrie Robran and Ken Farmer) "Fabulous Forwards" (featuring Darren Jarman, Grenville Dietrich, Dennis Sachse, Don Lindner, Ron Phillips and Ken Farmer) • Organising functions to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our 1905 premiership, the 60th anniversary of our 1949 premiership, the 50th and 60th anniversaries of our 1952 premiership, the 45th and 50th anniversaries of our 1960 premiership, the 40th anniversary of our 1971/72 premierships and the 20th anniversary of our 1987 premiership •Organising a function in 2013 to celebrate our Magarey Medallists, featuring displays of their medals, audio-visual tributes to each Medallist and interviews with Medallists/relatives. Port repeatedly went forward but North's backline, steady as a rock throughout, repelled them time and again. Medindie (despite its junior status), was invited to join the latter group, with the plan being to have four teams competing against each other.

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