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SPANK brings a whole new vibe and crazy party atmosphere that you will love.

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Enter the throng of hundreds of pervy partiers, dance your pants off (literally, if you wish) and lose your mind. Wear as crazy (or non-existant) of a fetish outfit as you wish and get set for naughty times beyond belief! ★The ENTIRE event is a kink-positive space so feel free to get your kink on with a willing partner wherever the mood takes you. Feel free to ask anyone anything, but be respectful, and make sure to give or take NO as an answer gracefully. If anyone is crossing a line or not being respectful, please bring it up immediately with staff security, who will handle it anonymously and quickly.▄▄▄▄★ THIS PARTY IS FOR EVERYONE WHO LIKES IT WILD, NAUGHTY, AND A LITTLE BIT CRAZY! and want to partayyyyyy- come as dressed down or as dressed up as you want but be prepared to START GLAMOUROUS and END TRASHY▄▄▄▄★ SUGGESTED FETISH ATTIRE : Harnesses, leather, rubber, perverted fetish fantasy, glitterslut, genderfuck, drag diva, ponies, puppies, fetish goth, fetish cyber, medical fetish, corsets, waist cinchers, chains, chaps, fishnets, body stockings, fancy lingerie, sexy jocks ...

If you want to come casual, there is a HUGE party waiting for you! COME ON OUT and be part of a crossover mindfuck of a party where we escalate and redefine what is possible at electronic dance parties and kink events alike. note that jeans & topless will NOT get you entry to the Play Lounge, but jeans & harness is AWESOME, PERMITTED & HOT.

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