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The Sophos Antivirus products for Windows and Mac OS X are comprised of two major components: Sophos Antivirus(SAV) and Sophos Auto Update(SAU).The installer may also add the following components: Sophos Endpoint Defense, Sophos Network Threat Protection, and Sophos System Protection.Sophos' documentation recommends that users uninstall the previous versions of Sophos Anti Virus and Sophos Remote Update (Sophos Auto Update on Mac OS X) before upgrading.

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Computing Services recognizes that users may choose to continue using unsupported operating systems on campus and choose to continue using unsupported systems for connecting to University computing resources from remote locations despite the fact that neither Computing Services nor Microsoft supports these systems anymore.

Running these unsupported systems without up to date antivirus software would pose a significant threat to the University computing infrastructure.

Staying up to date on new firmware releases is vital.

Firmware releases include both security patches as well as new and enhanced features.

For unmanaged systems, standalone installers will be available for download from the Computing Services website.