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In the EEG, pleasant (contrasted to unpleasant) music was associated with an increase of frontal midline (Fm) theta power. “Effects of Exercise on Heart Rate Variability: Inferences from Meta-Analysis”, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Volume 37, Number 3, March 2005, pages 433–439, doi:10.1249/01. Publication 15741842 on Pub Med/NCBI (subscription access).

This effect is taken to reflect emotional processing in close interaction with attentional functions. Abstract: Introduction: Chronic exercise training produces a resting bradycardia that is thought to be due partly to enhanced vagal modulation.

Names such as Lesueur, Field, Lumholtz, Lhotsky, Nathan, and Torrence, are familiar to anyone who has read accounts of early music making in Australia, but the importance of their work has not yet been clarified.

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Pleasant and unpleasant emotions were induced by consonant and dissonant music.

Unpleasant (compared to pleasant) music evoked a significant decrease of HR, replicating the pattern of HR responses previously described for the processing of emotional pictures, sounds, and films.

Eight plates of illustrations depict players and orchestras Curt Sachs.

“The Mystery of the Babylonian Notation”, International Congress of Musicology, New York, September 11–16, 1939, contained in [Mendel 1944], 1944, pages 161–167.

Vjekoslav Sajfert, Sonja Krstić, Dušan Popov, Nicolina Pop.