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Samuel E 381 Bressler, John T.ยป- 734 Bretz Families 353. Harry M 523 Bretz, W'illiam H 353 Bricker, Joseph 418 PAGE Bricker, Lewis M 335 Bricker, Peter 613 Brindel. While going along in this way the horses took fright and ran off. Here he managed to get time enough off to attend a select school, then conducted by Frank Gillellan, and under that noted educator made good pro- gress in his studies.

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In his frantic efforts to stop the team the lad was slipping off his horse backward, but realizing that it was sure death to him to fall under the cultivator he clutched the rein with renewed despera- tion and finally stopped the team by am- ning them against a post fence. Next we find him with his uncle, William Huston Eckels, who then had a store at Sporting Hill, and while with him he found time to attend Prof.

Over the levels and down the hills they went, as fast as thev could gallop, the big cultivator bounding behind. Leaving Swiler & Fells he for a short time was clerk in a large store in Harrisburg.

Eliza A 223 Beetem Family 1 10 Beetem, Mrs Hetty 243 Beetem, John 223 Beetem, Joseph 24^^ Belmey, John C 716 PAGE Beitzel, David J 446 Beitzel. Edward W 11 Biddle Family 8 Biddle, William M 11,850 Bishop, Alexander 484 Blair, Andrew 204 Blair Family 204 Blair, Jenny 206 Blair, John D 799 Book. D 742 Bosler, Abraham 210 Bosler Family 210 Bosler, Frank C 217 Bosler. Kirk 214 Bosler, James W 215 Bosler, John .\ 490 Bosler. Joseph 218 Bowen, Charles R 378 Bowen Family .378 Bowers Family 807 Bowers. His practice there extended over a wide range of country, which necessitated much tra\-eling and made it very laborious, especially in the winter months. Catharine Pretz was the daughter of Abraham and Catharine (Monosniith) Pretz, and was born at Lewistown, Mifflin Co., Pa., but when she was eleven years old the family mo\'ed to the lower end of Cumlierland county and lived there the rest of their lives. In politics, he has always been a Democrat, but has made it a rule of his life to decline office and conse- quently has never figured in public aft'airs. He engaged in farming, first as a cropper, but later acquired land of his own.

39 Bauman Fartiily 38 Bauman, Isaac 38 Bear, Jonathan 540 Bear, Sarah 540 Beattie, John S 485 Beetem, Edward C 109 Beetem, JNIrs. His selection of place, however, proved more satisfactory than he had anticipated, industry ana skill soon brought him as much work as a physician ordinarily can attend to, and he continueil at Yocumtown for thirty-hve long years. 23, 1859, he was united in wedlock to Miss Catharine E. George Morris, pastor of the Silver Spring Presbyterian Church. During his long professional career, which is not yet ended, seven differ- ent students have read medicine under his instructions, all of whom graduated at Jef- ferson Medical College, and are successful physicians and devoted friends, of their pre- ceptor. Though worshiping in other churches while residing beyond the reach of his own he never faltered in his adherence to the principles of piety taught him by his par- ents and grandparents. He married Elizabeth Smith, and began life in the same locality in which his father settled in 1808.

Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2008 with funding from IVIicrosoft Corporation OOgene T5D (^Lumt o SD |3i Oj^rap^'^ BIOGRAPHICAL ANNALS OF CUMBERLAND COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA CONTAINING BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF PROMINENT AND REPRESENTATIVE CITIZENS AND OF MANY OF THE EARLY SETTLED FAMILIES. But his fame had preceded him to his new location, and without seeking it he in a few years again had a large practice, and was again a very jjusy man. Troup, and has had five cliiklren : Vernie (wlio died young), Robert D., Charles, Edith and John. They have long been engaged in the sale of pianos, organs and other musical instru- ments, and are located at Harrisburg, from which point their business radiates over a large scope of territory. 1868, read medicine, graduated from Jefferson College, and when his father retired from Yocumtown assumed bis prac- tice at that place. After residing in Frankford township five or six years he removed to the part of Dickinson township which has since been erected into Penn township. He was a man of great energy and rare business qualities, but died in the prime of manhood, Aug. 8, 1824 (died May 30, 1892) ; Abraham; Mary; and Joseph, born Dec. He grew to man- hood in that part of the county, was educated in the public schools and learned the carpen- ter's trade.