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The work has helped me understand my situation in new and positive ways.Thank you for all your help.” “I have learnt how to change negatives into positives.” ” The group setting was absolutely ideal. As a group, I felt less of a victim, and didn’t feel alone.” The Sexual Violence Recovery Toolkit facilitators training is a two-day course that enables individuals working with people who have experienced acquaintance, dating and stranger rape to deliver the programme.The registrar will check your overseas divorce documents and may have to get in touch with the General Register Office to confirm whether your marriage can go ahead.

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Bookings cannot be taken by proxy, appointments can only be booked directly by one of the partners to marriage or civil partnership.

If you need to cancel your appointment, this must be done 7 days before the notice appointment.

From 2 March 2015 you’ll have to give 29 days notice.

The Home Office will be able to increase the notice to up to 70 days if they think your marriage isn’t genuine.

If the appointment is not cancelled 7 days in advance the fee you have paid will not be refundable.