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Belle came to fame via his parkour videos and film appearances, such as District 13, District 13: Ultimatum, which were written and produced by Luc Besson, and the American remake Brick Mansions.Belle has also consulted on the making of Babylon A. He is the chair of the Parkour Committee of the International Federation of Gymnastics.Some of the friends that trained with David would later become known as the Yamakasi.

He left soon after for personal reasons in order to dedicate himself to parkour.

Belle later joined the Troupes de marine in Vannes, where he received a promotion, a gymnastic agility certificate of honour, and champion records for regimental rope-climbing (which his father had once held) and the Essonne obstacle course.

Belle did not approve of the name and felt like it did not give credit to his father, so he split from the group after the feature.

Later Belle would go on to train other students who gave themselves the name 'tracer.' The spelling was later adapted to 'traceur', and has since been used to define a practitioner of parkour.

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