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Outside the embassy, you have to fall in line to get in. Why don’t you try applying before your mom retires? After all the questions he had me waiting for a few seconds while he type something on his computer then after that, he said, “Your application has been approved. Do you think I have high chances of getting approved and if not, what do I need to do? They will give you B1/B2 visa when your purpose is for training/business like me.

There are at least three lines, corresponding to the time of your appointment. Apply as a family too and let us know here the results of your application. Hi aleah planning to get my visa this aug i dont have any travel since i got my passport this june i didnt apply my passport before because got a wrong spelling in my name but i decided to just use the spelling indicated in my birth cert . But a question- Something that’s been bothering me since I submitted my DS-160. And do you think it’s a good idea to tell them that I’m visiting my boyfriend? My whole expenses will be shouldered by my company here in Manila and I handed them my “training plan” indicating all the things I will do during my stay.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been hearing people complain about why it is so hard for Filipinos to apply for a US visa. It’s only in the Philippines that they make it so hard for us to get a visa.

(1) Pay online via BPI or Bancnet, and (2) pay in cash at BPI (not BPI Family Savings Bank). Each applicant has a unique receipt number so don’t print out more than one. Don’t lose your deposit slip as you will be asked for it during your interview. Once you have paid your visa application fee (and completed your DS-160 online application), you can now schedule your appointment. You don’t want to be interviewed later in the day, as by that time, the consuls have already interviewed hundreds of applicants! Show up at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time. I have worked in Qatar for a very short period of time before and I’m also planning to travel to Asian countries just to add up stamps on my passport before I push to this dream US vacation. Will you let us know here the result of your interview? The consul asked me a few questions about my purpose for the travel, for how long, who’ll be paying for my trip, my job and how long I’ve had my job. Calm yourself and be confident in answering the interview questions. I have already traveled to other countries within Southeast Asia like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. My boyfriend is a permanent resident in US and I want to visit him every once a year for our anniversary.. Would it be ok if I will tell the consul that my income is coming from abroad? As I said in my post above, I told the consul I’m a freelancer, and that I have clients all over the world. Me: i also worked as a mobile developer and web developer. Me: sad story, they can’t compete with “famous social networking site” anymore and they concede. It’s just important to visit because I will conduct some series of knowledge transfer after the training. I used the salary sa pgbili ng lupa when i was ofw for 2 yrs. Hello Sha, There’s no such thing as business visa in the US.

Note that you can schedule it only four hours after payment, or if you paid online, at 11am the next day. Make sure to bring the following with you: Other people brought folders of documents, including their employment certificate and bank statements, but I didn’t bring anything else aside from the items above plus my two old passports. So my question is, with these little background of mine, what are the chances that me and my mom will have approved visas? I have heard that government employees who have been employed for years have much better chances of getting a visa, probably because they have a stable job with pension, etc. No idea whether having a kid increases your chances of getting a visa. My interview was very quick and easy (he did not ask me for any supporting documents, whatsoever). I’m still thinking if I should pursue applying for a visa. I’m a college student at UPLB, my whole family’s here in the Philippines tho my mom is in Malaysia and my dad is in Dubai working but they go home here every summer, and I’ve been to Malaysia and Singapore, and also planning on having a trip in HK and Japan before I apply for a US tourist visa, we don’t have a business but my grandparents agreed to cover my travel expenses in US (They don’t have a business but they have a lot of savings because they are retired US citizens). The term business that I am referring is the “purpose” on why I am visiting the US.

Finally, on the second week of June, I got a good schedule: am on July 13. But i am very happy because my mom got her visa next week. We have relatives in the US, my mom’s siblings actually. I’ll be travelling solo and this will be my first trip to the US. Your guide helped me a lot while preparing for the interview. Try answering the possible questions the interviewer might ask you beforehand, familiarize yourself with the information you’ve filled out on your forms. I am currently petitioned as an immigrant since 2008 and still have to wait for another 3 years for it to be processed. I never had the guts to apply since I’m scared that I might be disapproved given that I am single and petitioned for an immigrant status by my parents. However, it’s already asking me of the payment receipt reference and does not show the available schedule. I dont have a bachelors degree but studied diploma in hotel management in singapore for a year. They will look at your circumstances and see whether you’ll come back to the Philippines. Of course, but it all depends on your situation, on how you fill up the form, and how you answer the consul’s questions. *** handed the training plan *** Consul: what is your position to the company? Ako kc i will attend wedding of my sister i have business almost 8months n but i recently got my dti brgy and mayors permit due to the deal ng pinagfranchisan ko n after 6mons if i survive ung pagmamanage ng business then i would be able to change it to my name…

Once you see a date you like, you can pay the fee in two ways. If you want to pay cash, you have to print out a deposit slip form from the website. And her happiness is not that complete because she is afraid to travel alone. Three of them were in Louisiana and the other one is in California. I just want to share my experience yesterday during the interview. I applied because I wish to spend my 25th birthday in Nevada where my aunt lives. Practice speaking in front of the mirror to get the feel of it. Your 2X2 picture is as important as your application documents so if you want to save time and avoid the hassle of paying for the Kodak services inside and lining up again, make sure you follow the standards for the picture. It’s important to make good eye contact with the interviewer, try to hide your nervousness with a smile. Do you have any tips as to what I can do on the interview and what documents should I bring? I am a freelance graphic artist but i do have a dti, mayors permit, and bir. Also worked in abudhabi for almost 2 years as a waitress. Me: i’m ****** (my current position in the company) Consul: how long you worked with the company Me: 7 months (at the time) Consul: how about on your previous work? I spent most of my **** work with “a defunct social networking site” in 2008. “a defunct social networking site” **smiled**, so what happened with “a defunct social networking site”? Me: Yes and the work proper will happen after I go back here in the Philippines. I do have bank accounts i have land but deed of sales pla kakatapos ko lng ung hulog 2months ago.

You no longer have to show up at the embassy at the crack of dawn. What kind of VISA I need to apply the Tourist VISA? We were hesitant to apply all together and end up the 3 of us getting denied. Should I just print out a screenshot of the email confirmation I received from BPI Family? Kung sa tingin mo, mas papasa kapag mag-aapply ka as a tourist (which means may reason kang ipapakita sa consul na babalik ka talaga dito sa Pilipinas), e di wag mo na banggitin ang BF mo. So I guess kailangan mo lang talagang makumbinse ang consul na babalik ka dito. My aunt said it’s a good reason for me to come back here since I need to finish my degree and get my license. But upon reading the comments, declaring that relatives will finance the stay as well as Pat’s comment (above) made me confused with everything. it all depends on the consul and on how you answer the interview. I took entreprenerial management in college (graduated 2014) because I don’t have any desired to work in any company or any organization.