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I could go on and on (the benefits of an education in pop-culture history) Would anyone label these artists losers or immature? People, the reason music touches us SO deeply is because it resonates with us at a certain time in our life or during a certain event. all Justin Timberlake fans please come and join my site coming up soon-- me!

They express through music what we, who are not blessed with the gift of songwriting, feel and would put into words if we could. only rocc n roll artists do the EXACT same song and call it covers or tributes..

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In some cases, the area was named after the reeds that grew along the riverbanks, which were used to fashion bows.

In the Blackfoot language (Siksiká), the area was known as Mohkínstsis akápiyoyis, meaning "elbow many houses," reflecting its strong settler presence.

I think this song doesn't have a whole lot of talent to be grammy worthy. You are a down to earth person who deserves better.

I wish people could here songs about actually issues..that those would win grammys... Bands that write the song,lyrics, and then play them with their instruments to me are true artists. " She is trash who will never be happy with what she got from sheer luck. In my eyes, she was always selfish and not good enough for you because she hasn't a hint of humbleness.

Alright, for all you who lack knowledge (either due to your age or unwillingness to be "enlightened" by anyone who disagrees with you,) here are some facts: Musicians, not unlike poets, pour out their experiences on paper by way of lyrics. For DECADES, song writers have expressed their sentiments (pain, joy, love) via lyrics or poetry. Fleetwood Mac, Johnny Cash, Paul Mc Cartney, Eminem, Elton John, Sting, Bono, John Lennon, etc. your white so you probably cant find the R and the heart ache of the song makes up the B... anyway, i'd also like to confirm that Justin and Alyssa DID date the only rumor is that he was with Janet Jackson. When I first heard this song, I was amazed...i kept on listening to it. He told the next day he was sorry about hurting me.