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Brill has her work cut out for her as the internet giant and others in the digital ecosystem navigate the oncoming onslaught of data privacy rules set to take effect next year in the European Union.

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When she departed the FTC, she told Ad Age that she believed the ad industry's approach to self-regulation "could be vastly improved." Referring to the Digital Advertising Alliance's Ad Choices privacy program and its triangular opt-out icon featured on targeted digital ads, she said, "I've long said that I don't think consumers understand it." As Brill embarks on her new role at one of the world's largest digital media and technology firms, maker of the Edge and Internet Explorer web browsers and operator of the Bing search engine, Microsoft will also be navigating regulatory changes here in the U. Following the demise of Federal Communications Commission rules that would have restricted data use by Internet Service Providers, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai last week proposed a reversal of internet provider classification rules that enable net neutrality, also referred to as the Open Internet Order.

Microsoft, as part of an industry coalition called Internet Association, opposes Pai's goal to kill net neutrality rules, which prevent ISPs from blocking or prioritizing internet access.

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Put simply, GDPR will place new restrictions on how companies can gather and use data related to citizens of the EU.