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If it doesn't, then P1 will just figure that by spring '05 when the first Cobalt models appear, the T3 & TC will be so "old" that everyone will be ready for a brand spankin' new handheld or, better yet, a Treo.I installed the Wi Fi drivers on my T3 in anticipation of getting the Wi Fi card soon (call me eager)..the driver actually includes VPN support.Example: The old Veo SDIO camera for Palm came with flaky drivers built into the card.

The drivers for the card have been posted online for download.

The driver requires 4MB of free space to temporarily accomdate the installer and should be done on a full battery.

PIM Support Update A new PIM support update has been released.

It corrects certain incompatibilities discovered between third-party desktop Personal Information Managers (PIMs).

Such little things go a long way on the service end.