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When there are differences among style guides, we identify them. It should be well-worn, too, unless the writer trusts his or her memory too much.

Because of its standing among mass market publications, we have found that many publishers like the Most daily newspapers and magazines in America belong to the Associated Press.

AP, The Associated Press - Use AP on second reference, capitalize The on first. Arabic names - Transliteration is complex; use the most common English varient when known. arrested - Use “arrested on a charge of…” and not “arrested for…” in AP style. astronaut - Not used as a formal title in AP style, instead use the individual's military rank. The Atomic Age did not start with the bombing of Hiroshima. Yes, there are feminine forms, but they are not used in AP style. baby boomer, boomer - Although lower case in AP style, many publications capitalize variations of Baby Boom and Boomers.

Spell out and capitalize First through Ninth, but use figures and two letters for 10th and above. Others use the full union name on first reference, American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations. This is an exception to most style and usage guides because aka is an acronym for also known as. Because of the potential for confusion with Arkansas, Alabama, and Arizona, Alaska should never be abbreviated or indicated by the postal code (AK). all right - The AP does not accept alright, though many usage guides do. Amendments to the Constitution - Always capitalized, as in First Amendment or Fifth Amendment. Still, Amtrak is the known name, so use on all references.

All other descriptors, spell out: Court, Drive, Road, and others. Constitutional Amendments, ordinances, regulations, and resolutions are adopted. AFL-CIO - some publications use the acronym for all references, the AP preference. Alumnae, alumna are the feminine and are out of favor at some publications. AM - Use only for radio stations (amplitude modulation). ampersand (&) - Use & only when part of a legal name. Amtrak - “American travel by track” is the slogan for the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

The Tameri Guide for Writers stylebook offers a basic style guide to writing for general audiences. Do not expect this guide to apply to other English-speaking audiences, though many rules should be similar. The Southern Baptist Convention, representing 12 million members; American Baptist Churches in the U. A., 1.5 million members; the National Baptist Convention of America; National Baptist Convention U.

Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, you should adhere to a uniform style throughout your document. We do tend to prefer the AP for mass market, general audience writing. belongs on the desk of any writer working for magazines, newspapers, or online services.

Spell out Avenue, Boulevard, and Street when using the name of a street without an address. - allows AM and PM, in small caps, but as of the most recent edition, lowercase with periods is the preferred style when small caps are unavailable. American is accepted as common — and what else would you call a citizen of the United States of America? American Civil Liberties Union - Spell out on first reference, then use ACLU. billions - Use figures, limiting to two decimal places. “Off” is capitalized by the unions, but not by most publications. One byte stores one ASCII character, two bytes can store one basic multilingual Unicode character.