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The 25-hydroxyvitamin test measures the amount of calcidiol (a prehormone found in the blood that is produced in the liver).

If this test shows that you are indeed Vitamin D deficient, there is also a supplemental vitamin D3 cholecalciferol you can take.

In order to get the proper amount of Vitamin D your body requires, you need to be able to find a healthy balance of sunlight, but still reduce your risk of skin cancer, particularly Melanoma.

This cheap sugar alternative comes directly from the soil, is very easy to grow on your own, and is claimed to be successfuly used for centuries by Latin American natives.

But is stevia good for you as they claim and you can safely put it in your homemade meal replacement shakes?

Though my grandfather didn’t have much luck germinating the seeds, most people agree its easy to grow. And as you might suspect, problems arise when brands process the plant and add wierd substances to the mix. Go get yourself a cup of green tea and let’s go find out. The first thing i’m gonna do is go through the available science and examine the documented stevia health benefits .