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There are five objects that relate to Build and SCM traceability: For each panel, choose an object and select fields to display.

Use a combination of these panels to present the information you want to track.

As of version 1.5, we use the Liquibase library to define and run each incremental changeset.

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When creating new features in Open MRS, it is often necessary to change some database columns, add a table, etc.

Database changes are done incrementally so that anyone can update their database from any version to any version.

You may set specific project scoping for a dashboard panel by choosing the Specific Project setting and indicating the desired project: The following charts help you identify possible issues around build and source code management: Your scope settings that default to the Workspace and Project picker settings help CA Agile Central filter the data you see in pages, charts, and reports.

Analytics for build and SCM data sometimes require a departure from your project scoping so that charts provide you with meaningful information: Need more help?

This saves a lot of time over the web UI, and for some types of code repositories (such as Perforce), it’s actually required in order to produce a compatible diff.