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I spoke to Rohingyas and they told me that killings, arson and raping of women still continue in Rakhine state despite international pressure. On the one side, Myanmar is negotiating with Bangladesh to solve the crisis, and on the other hand they are continuing their ethnic cleansing.Most of the Rohingyas I spoke to said they would not want to return to Myanmar as they feel they would be killed if they returned at this time.

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If we fail to do so, other racist and repressive states will follow Myanmar.

The whole world will be a dangerous place if this happens.

Dourif was not a guest on Rachel Maddow and never gave that quote.

The website also falsely states that Dourif is employed as a housekeeper for Michelle Obama at a Washington mansion.

The Rohingya crisis is a tale of failure by the international community to stop a state committing ethnic cleansing.