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Customs, or refer to the website of the European Union,

Certain plants and plant products entering the EU must have an original phytosanitary certificate (see

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For full details, please see or refer to the website of the European Union,

For full details please see Terms & Definitions, section 5.

They must also be older than 105 days and must be vaccinated against rabies, regardless of the country of origin. Cats, dogs and ferrets arriving from third countries must be accompanied by a health certificate and meet all the requirements listed in the health certificate.

The health certificate must also include a statement confirming that the animals are being transported for non-commercial use. Birds must be accompanied by a zoo sanitary certificate completed by a veterinary officer of the government of the exporting country and a certificate signed by the captain of the delivering carrier stating that the birds arrived directly from the exporting country (transhipment not allowed) and that the birds have not been in contact with other animals or poultry during transportation. The District Veterinary Office can be contacted in Larnaca at (tel:) 357-24821275/6, (fax:) 357-24304270, (email:) Same regulations as for Export apply.

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