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The body of an unidentified woman was found on Weise Island wearing only a thin gown, with stab wounds and an autopsy incision shaped like a 'Y' on her body.

According to the article dated September 30, 1967, this 'Jane Doe' had been dead for at least 36 hours before she was found by recreational boaters.

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Give them the below sheet so they can write down information about the characters. It’s important that all the information on the character cards is relayed.: Distribute room cards to each guest. Cut them up and put them in an envelope (separating the 8pm and ones). If you think you know what happened, please come see me.”(Looking at the map, they’ll be able to see that no one was in the study during the night. All the above materials (maps and worksheets) are available here for download: Enjoy.

Grim.”4) Interview Guests interview each other to get character information. Each character has the answers to these questions on their character cards (name, and #1 and #2 on the character card). It kept the students communicating and entertained for two 45-minute classes.

I only created this because I could not find any other activities online. But if you want to look at my mystery for inspiration, it is below in its entirety.

The twist in this story is that it is not a murder mystery; rather, it is just a mystery. Grim has died, and they must figure out how he died. You hate your dad because he doesn’t let you do what you want to do.

This was the first one, which I highly recommend: I found it on One Stop English, which requires a membership (you may be able to find it elsewhere). You wish they would leave the town so you could live peacefully.1) You are the town drunk. You weren’t invited to the mansion, but you came because you wanted to drink Mr. The Grim family is also very rich, so you might try to steal some things.1) You are Mr.

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    Earn some brownie points with them so they feel like you are responsible and can handle a relationship.

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    The list of possible values and how each is encoded as an X must be known from the context. Variable-length format such that smaller numbers use fewer bytes.

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    I have even dated outside of my racial group, and I married someone who isn't black -- a Native American man (with, I must add, distant French and African ancestry).