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General Thade and Colonel Attar march ape warriors in pursuit of the humans.

Leo discovers Calima (the temple of “Semos”), a forbidden, but holy, site for the apes.

Our video sections: Nude Beach, Beach Cabin, Locker Room, Upskirt, Spy Camera, WC, Shower Room.

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American Muslims from across the country share their stories of love and marriage as a matter of choice -- as it should be.

They are reflective of the more mainstream American-Muslim experience while also representing a model to be emulated by others.

We are all loitering in our classroom one lunchtime. In the Indian and Pakistani community, an arranged marriage doesn't involve one or both parties being forced to make the decision against their will.

Barry Sutton suddenly asks me a question: ''Hey, Imran! Nor does it mean the bride and groom don't set eyes on each other until the wedding day.

His favorite simian co-worker is a chimpanzee named Pericles.