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Many took place in his Las Vegas home — one was interrupted by his probation officer knocking on the front door.He was spending money faster than he could earn it, especially after 1997 when he was suspended from boxing for the notorious fight with Evander Holyfield when he bit off a chunk of his opponent’s ear.Impromptu cocaine-fuelled orgies were another Tyson passion.

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As the supposedly reformed ex-boxer tells it on stage and in print, his descent into depravity and excess was pretty much inevitable.

It was at a special school where Tyson was sent for his persistent criminality that boxing trainer Cus D’Amato saw his potential and subjected him to a seven-year training regime during which Tyson had to chant each day: ‘The best fighter in the world.

In 1999, Tyson was back in prison for nine months for assaulting two motorists following a road accident.

After his release, he returned to the ring with mixed results, but his personal life was as chaotic as ever.

‘How do you rape someone when they come to your hotel at two in the morning? The ex-boxer describes in graphic detail how he claims they had consensual sex but then Washington asked him to walk her downstairs. He struck up a relationship with the woman after he sent her $10,000 to mend a storm-damaged roof.