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Several liberal members on the app, as well as outside of the app, have taken to Twitter to express their frustration at having one of the most liberal apps and a conceivable giant of the dating app-scape take such unfair steps.

One user interviewed in Business Insider, a trans woman named Sol Solomon, said that she could have been reported when a match saw that she included her pronouns in her profile.

The transgender users of the app have, in turn, taken to social media to express their disappointment and anger at having their accounts suspended for naught.

It is claimed that the ‘report’ function on Tinder is being misused by transphobic Tinder users to report and unfairly remove transgenders from Tinder.

We do not believe that Tinder’s retroactive lifting of ban, post-the-unwarranted-suspension-of-account-without-inquiry is a good policy, nor do we understand why Tinder, despite all its assertions of being open to one and all, does not incorporate any safeguarding mechanism on its platform to avoid such unfair ‘reporting’ by its community members.

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