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Security is a subject that can be taught theoretically, but nothing is a substitute for a real hands-on experience and we’ve got lots of it.” Perhaps it is because of this high level of know-how, that the IDF decided to be so public about the attack vector, in order to stop any embarrassing leaks before they occurred. According to Avichay Adraee, a spokesperson for the army, it is believed that in total 16 fake profiles were used as honeypots to hook the Israeli soldiers.

You might think that only ‘silly’ people get fooled into accepting friend requests from a fake hot girl or guy on Facebook.

In reality, however, it is one of the most common Facebook mistakes that people make. For this reason, hot profiles are an extremely effective method used by hackers to get malware onto people’s devices.

Sadly for the horny soldiers, however, the fake chat app contained malware called a Trojan.

According to a security expert in the country called Khaled Safi, the Trojan was used to tap phone calls and discover sensitive information: “Hamas operatives managed to download spying applications on the phones of Israeli officers and soldiers.

These tools can easily be set up and controlled by a remote Command and Control (Cn C) server.