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(Died January 16, 2013, Age 30) Cause of death: Death in restraint Location: La Grange, Kentucky, USA Disability: Mental illness Perpetrator: Kentucky State Reformatory staff Source: Video of Kentucky inmate death highlights controversy over restraints * (Died January 18, 2013, Age 75) Cause of death: Murder-suicide (Shot) Location: Tequesta, Florida, USA Disability: Dementia Perpetrator: Roy Boldt (Husband) Source: Roy Boldt, Virginia Boldt Tequesta Clare Bridge murder-suicide: Family says shooting was ‘love pact’ (Died January 19, 2013, Age 45) Cause of death: Murder (Asphyxiated; during fight) Location: Hampton, Virginia, USA Disability: Unspecified; resident at group home for mentally ill adults Perpetrator: Darryl Evans (Housemate) Source: 13News Now Investigates: Man murdered at home for mentally ill (Died January 24, 2013, Age 46) Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed) Location: Maniwaki, Quebec, Canada Disability: Muscular dystrophy Perpetrator: Michael Sabourin (Husband) Source: Maniwaki man sentenced to life in prison for killing disabled wife (Died January 26, 2013, Age 25) Cause of death: Suicide (Treatment was denied or inadequate; staff “belittled and dismissed” him) Location: Cardiff, Wales, UK Disability: Borderline personality disorder Perpetrator: Care Programme Approach staff; Dr.

Sudad Jawad Source: Mum speaks out as report reveals her son’s death could have been prevented * (Died January 27, 2013, Age 59) Cause of death: Murder (Poisoned) Location: Tampa, Florida, USA Disability: Quadriplegic Perpetrator: Timothy Neil Harrison (Boyfriend) Source: Seffner man accused of killing quadriplegic girlfriend with prescription drugs (Died January 28, 2013, Age 44) Cause of death: Murder (Asphyxiated; ex-boyfriend was angry that she could no longer have his child) Location: East Ashling, Sussex, England, UK Disability: Cervical cancer; recent hysterectomy Perpetrator: Phillip Brown (Ex-boyfriend) Source: Debbie Levey: cottage murder victim had been using internet dating site (Died January 30, 2013, Age 18) Cause of death: Suicide (After bank account was emptied by payday-loan company) Location: Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, England, UK Disability: Mental illness Perpetrator: Wonga (Payday lender) Source: Mother’s heartache after her teenage son committed suicide on same day Wonga emptied his bank account…

(Father) Source: Darnell Hunter sentenced to 12 years for fatally neglecting his impaired son * (Died February 19, 2013, Age 76) Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed) Location: Richland, Pennsylvania, USA Disability: Dementia Perpetrator: Levi Staver (Grandson) Source: Richland man gets 10 to 20 years for fatally stabbing grandmother (Died February 25, 2013, Age 50) Cause of death: Murder (Beaten) Location: Gulfport, Mississippi, USA Disability: Neurological damage from being hit by a train Perpetrator: Johnny Owens III Source: Mistrial declared in beating death of man with special needs (Died March 2, 2013, Age 19) Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed) Location: Harlem, New York, USA Disability: Deaf Perpetrator: Bismark Lithgow (Boyfriend; also deaf) Source: Harlem man arrested for brutal stabbing of deaf teen girlfriend * (Died March 2, 2013, Age 47) Cause of death: Murder (Beating) Location: Covington, Georgia, USA Disability: Developmental disability Perpetrator: Cornelius Richardson-Bethea (Caregiver) Source: Caregiver arrested for allegedly beating mental health patient to death * (Died March 4, 2013, Age 19) Cause of death: Medical neglect (Flu, infection) Location: Lockport, New York, USA Disability: Developmental disability Perpetrator: Joy and John Dziomba (Adoptive parents) Source: Guardian appointed for brothers of disabled Lockport man who died in March * (Died March 7, 2013, Age 36) Cause of death: Murder (Strangulation, exposure) Location: Denning, New York, USA Disability: Multiple sclerosis Perpetrator: Gerald Babcock (Fiance) Source: Appeals court upholds Denning resident’s manslaughter conviction in death of his fiancée (Died March 10, 2013, Age 20) Cause of death: Murder (Shooting) Location: Decatur, Illinois, USA Disability: ADHD Perpetrator: James J.