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Some surviving structures are almost complete, such as the town walls of Lugo in Hispania Tarraconensis, or northern Spain.Italy was widely affected by the Early Christian age, with Rome being the new seat of the pope.

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The Romans absorbed Greek influence, apparent in many aspects closely related to architecture; for example, this can be seen in the introduction and use of the Triclinium in Roman villas as a place and manner of dining.

The Romans, similarly, were indebted to their Etruscan neighbors and forefathers who supplied them with a wealth of knowledge essential for future architectural solutions, such as hydraulics and in the construction of arches.

Italy has an estimated total of 100,000 monuments of all varieties (museums, palaces, buildings, statues, churches, art galleries, villas, fountains, historic houses and archaeological remains).

Now Italy is in the forefront of modernist and sustainable design with Architects like Renzo Piano and Carlo Mollino.

Olive trees are an ever-present part of the Tuscan landscape.