Is blake lively still dating ryan reynolds robert pattinson on dating fans

Reynolds and Lively, 24, were photographed on Saturday morning - along with their dogs - outside an apartment in Boston, where the actor is shooting the action film "R. "They're really happy together." And the Daily Mail reports that Lively was spotted leaving Reynolds' apartment again the next day.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are NOT cheating on each other, despite a report.

The publication goes on, “Aside from Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds is reportedly also blaming Leonardo Di Caprio for his failing marriage with Blake Lively.

In August 2011, they were bike riding in New York (with Lukas Haas). Because in October 2011, she was with Ryan Reynolds, seen leaving his apartment in Boston where he was working on a movie. Because Ryan is on the cover of the new PEOPLE as the Sexiest Dad Alive and he’s talking about how their relationship started – and that’s not personal or private, at all, by the way.

Two months later they were still together, spotted together in Santa Barbara.

The former star says she has "no idea" how to protect James' sense of confidence as she grows up."So do I know how to be the best parent for a daughter? "All I can do is share what I’m thinking -- and learn from others. I do know that I have to watch her and listen to her and not project any of my own insecurities or struggles on her." 2.

Lively and Reynolds never work at the same time Lively notes that the couple is always family first, even when it comes to their busy careers."We don't work at the same time," she shares about why she'll be based in Vancouver for the entire go do a couple movies.""I admire people who find that what fulfills them is their art or their work, but what fulfills both me and my husband is our family," she notes. We've each given up stuff we loved in order to not work at the same time.

Click here for a refresher or you can revisit these photos below, of Blake and Leo in Verona, … And somehow she got him to take pictures…on his knees: That was May/June 2011.