I am dating a shy girl

Introverts also have a knack for keeping calm in stressful situations and this is extremely important when something requires finesse.[Read: 15 easy conversation starters for introverts looking to socialize] #4 Introverts excel at being able to focus.

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Most often, this means that they get to know people on a much deeper and more meaningful level. While extroverts have more friends and acquaintances, they can’t always be expected to know intimate details about these people.

Introverts take the time to really get to know the people in their circle.

When a girl touches my arm or chest I assume she’s flirting with me. If you’re at a bar, just come over and order a drink next to a guy if you’re interested, it makes it easy for him to start up a conversation.

Honestly, as guys, most of us are pretty thick and unaccustomed to being on the receiving end of flirting So subtlety may not get you too far.

The loudest voice is not always the most reliable or valuable.