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Many times relationships end at this point because, as "Teens Health" article "Love and Romance" tells us, as young adults, we are trying to experience many new things.

Another factor in this phenomenon is that many young people don't learn how to fight productively until they develop better communication skills.

Practically all the women in the discussion agreed, but it was one person’s description that seemed to take the words out of everyone’s mouths: “It's just this feeling of easiness and finally being able to land your plane.

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But it wasn’t all about being able to reveal your natural bodily functions - for some women, it’s just about finally feeling relaxed.

One person described being in a long-term relationship as “Like a warm log fire on a cold winter's night,” and another revealed it’s far preferable to the supposedly more exciting early stages: “For me, the 'honeymoon' phase was plagued with anxiety, doubts and insecurity along with all the lovey-dovey stuff.

Most relationships naturally progress through three stages.

The lust stage, or beginning stage, is when you first realize that you like someone and may want to pursue a relationship.

This phase in a relationship can be intimidating to young adults because it involves feelings that you haven't experienced at these levels. Joy Davidson reports in her article "So Your Relationship's Honeymoon Phase is Over?

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