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This is significant because a substantial number of Kentucky Fairchild family members listed their residence location as Salt Lick, Kentucky. There are two issues to note: 1) Benjamin Fairchild, age 15 is listed in the 1860 Census with a birthplace of Virginia – he was not listed earlier in the 1850 Census – possibly this could be one of his grandchildren, since he is 66 years old at the time; 2) the youngest son is listed as Franklin Fairchild but additional research has found that his full name was Benjamin Franklin Fairchild, but in the family he was referred to as Franklin since there were two other β€œBen” names in the home.

Northeastern Kentucky was home to a strong and vibrant iron industry which may have been attractive to Benjamin, since he was a blacksmith.

Minerva Jane Blevins was daughter of William (1778-1872) and Ava Jane Collins (1803-1875) Blevins.

The present building dates mainly from the reign of King Henry III.

It is said that Henry's devotion to St Edward the Confessor later prompted him to build a more magnificent church in the newest Gothic style, and also to provide a new shrine for the Saint, near to whom Henry himself could be buried.