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And the former director of UNICEF Ireland told the Irish Daily Mail that although she misses Dublin, she ‘needed to get space’ and is embracing her ‘African roots’.‘I still have a place in Ireland and my children have been studying here, but they’re finished now,’ she said.‘I’ve been back in South Africa two years, so I shuttle.

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His career incorporated production and operations management roles, HR functions and T&D Manager.

Throughout his career, Gerry developed a track record of enabling significant performance improvement in the businesses he managed through leveraging the organisations culture, structure, systems and people.

Gerry coaches at all management levels within the client organisation, including CEO/VP, senior and middle management, frontline supervision and of course teams.

As a very sought after coach, Gerry has consulted and helped thousands of people along his masterful journey, developing talent and being aware of dilemmas that occur in any organisation.

The last 30 years of his in-depth analysis of coaching and different approaches to leadership development has lead him to attain the title of MCC (Master Credentialed Coach) level of credential with the ICF (International Coach Federation) which is its top level of award and he is currently THE ONLY COACH IN IRELAND with this level of credential! If you are looking for not only an Executive Leadership and Senior Management Coach, but a man who trains and develops the top coaches, Gerry is the right choice for you!