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To accommodate "the irresistible force of creators determined to make 'their films', and to avoid "the possible intrusion of government into the movie arena", he developed a set of advisory ratings which could be applied after a film was completed.

On November 1, 1968, the voluntary MPAA film rating system took effect, with three organizations serving as its monitoring and guiding groups: the MPAA, the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO), and the International Film Importers & Distributors of America (IFIDA).

The MPAA rating system is one of various motion picture rating systems that are used to help parents decide what films are appropriate for their children.

It is administered by the Classification & Ratings Administration (CARA), an independent division of the MPAA.

This content classification system originally was to have three ratings, with the intention of allowing parents to take their children to any film they chose.