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(The Spanish named the territory after a mythical island paradise they were searching for that was supposed to be full of gold and inhabited by black women ruled by a queen named Califa.

That wasn't real either.) Other songs describe the disappointment the singers find after getting to California when they discover that it's no better than where they came from.

[Ty Dolla $ign:] “Do you wanna ride, ride, ride in my foreign? ) Lift the top back all the way, rolling through the streets of L. and my head is turning, turning, turning round and round...

Allie's stomach's churning, churning, like a storm today...

They killed off the Indians, they shot all the grizzly bears Out in California, they shot all the grizzly bears She just stands by the window, combing out her long black hair If a man keeps runnin', he'll run right into himself It a man keeps movin', he'll run into himself Out in California she's lyin down with somebody else Out in California... No rain for four years, and the hills are dry and brown. California's burning, no one knows when this will end.

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    Thank You Jimmy Jimmy My summer US history class is studying about Pocahantas and we read the article on the Myth that you have in class and I really enjoyed it. James James Barker To Chief Crazy Horse,thank you for the site i found it very interesting especially the Pocahontas myth!

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    Then sometimes we’ll go back to normal Snapchatting," "I guess I don’t see the point in switching to i Message when we’re both already in the Snapchat app," she says.

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    It almost completely filled the inside of my wet, moist mouth.