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A relationship status change must be around the corner, right?! "Texting is hard enough with someone you've met, no? Is he complimenting you on your dress because he wants to take it off you or because he wants to borrow it? This is when you can't decipher whether he wants to be your BF (boyfriend) or your GBF (gay best friend). resize=768:*" /He's not Houdini, but he just pulled a great disappearing act. Example: "You looked better than Miranda Kerr in that dress last night." What to do: "When it seems too good to be true, it probably is," Henderson points out.

Example: "OMG, you looked so much better than her the other day," "Hot shoes," "Can I come over and cuddle, bunny? Things were going swell; now getting him to respond to your texts and commit to plans is like pulling teeth. "We all love a sweet text, but it's usually a bad sign when it's over the top." And reputations extend into the text world too: "If his friends are calling him a BS'er?

A common gateway to sexting, this is when your crush asks you to send a picture of yourself, sending you into a panic looking for good lighting, cute angles, and indecision over whether or not you should go the R- or G-rated route. "This is the text that guys send to see how far they can get you to go," says Henderson. Our rule: If you wouldn't send it to your mother, don't send it." These are the sporadic texts that roll in from your "free-spirited" friend (with benefits? Usually they are vague, but sometimes, confusingly, virtually flirtatious.

" What to do: Consider the recipient and make sure it's someone you really trust.

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