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TV cost ,000 when we bought it, I mean, they know they have a problem when they stop making the part for the repair. It is the LCD screen that is bad and this should not be so with a TV that is 1.5 years old. It is a bad product and they are the worst company. yesno10/5/11 Like many others here, I purchased the Sony Bravia KDL-32L4000 32" LCD TV from Best Buy about 16 months ago.

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I contacted Sony and they asked me to have an authorized technician from them to make an inspection and after that, they'll present me some options.

I paid over $100 from my money for the technician to come and not even touch the TV with one finger, just used the remote control to turn it on and then fill the paper with "LCD needs replacement", cost of replacement $2700. Sony called me the next day to present me the "options" who suddenly became "the option".

Talking to their customer relations people is useless. I called them and the product was supposed to be sent via Fedex. I should be getting some kind of compensation for the late delivery. yesno9/23/11 I am so upset with my Sony TV right now, I will never buy another Sony TV again.

All they do is read a script off a computer screen explaining why they cannot help. As of today, the product has not been picked up from the warehouse in China. No one knows what will be the estimated delivery date. It's a common problem, after 16 months, horizontal lines appear.

Maybe, if enough people will file complaints, something will be done! yesno9/28/11 I bought a Sony Model KDL -46EX710 for $1,200. It would only come on for 4 or 5 seconds and then reboot.