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Model B is a brilliant viewfinder, priced at 75 cents.

Portion of 1907 Advanced Model Drawing In 1907 Magnus Nill, the inventor of the Expo Watch camera, filed a patent application for a radically different watch camera design. The title of the patent is Vest-Pocket Camera, and in his patent description, Mr.

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At one time a chain attached the lens cap to the winding stem ring but it is now lost.

This example may date to ca 1912 as the instruction manual includes an advertisement for the newly introduced Expo Police camera, patented 1911.

Once the shutter was armed, the cap could be removed and the shutter release pressed to make the exposure.

The triangular object to the left of the stem is the clip-on accessory reflex viewfinder.

Expo Watch Camera Designed to be small, easily carried and mistaken as a pocket watch, the Expo Watch camera was a popular novelty, or disguised camera, of the early 1900s.