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Steamy subjects like snorting cocaine while shoplifting are coupled with cliffhangers at the end of the books like the possibility of Megan’s suicide which turns out to be a false alarm , Linda’s bad boy’s d.u.i. Her band members are – Dee Dee the drummer , George on keyboards, bass player Sly and Josh on guitar. The books shifted focus after the first book to focus on a more svelte but emotionally damaged Elsie while book four could be called a side-quel offering a backwards look at a tough girl named Helen, not in Elsie’s class, who battles dyslexia. Sunny little series captures the surf n’ turf atmosphere of the 80’s in California with surfer dudes , pink zinc , and silk screened muscle shirts. ) Laura Mc Call – the beautiful calculating and spoiled leader who has her eye on Randy , Karen ‘Funny’ Hawthorne – a kind , self-proclaimed bubblehead , Tammy Lucero – gossip queen and Melissa Mc Connell – Perfectionist. a teacher who purposely dresses like Dracula and has students dissecting cow eye balls ?

, and Arlene who doesn’t have friends but rather manipulates the people around her with poisonous sweetness and or blackmail. With a hunky manager named Harrison Hughes – who’s got his eye on Lexi, the stories revolve around; romances between the band mates and newcomers , trying to finance the band , battling egos as hot singers try to wedge their way into the limelight and of course their attempts to hit the big time. Starstruck – 1985 Elizabeth Gail Released by Tyndale in the late 70’s and written by Hilda Stahl this is a charming series about a feisty foster girl – Elizabeth Gail who has finally found a loving family. Lets not forget – Keith Masterson , Tony Calcaterra , Jon Smith , Shane Arrington , Scott Daly , Garrett Boldt , Kim Baxter , Marcie Bee , Dekeisha Adams , Kaci Davis , Colby Graham , Curtis Trowbridge , Jon Smith , Lisa Snow , Sara Sawyer , Gloria Drexler , Mandy Mc Dermot , Taffy Sinclair , Alexis Duvall , Whitney Larkin , Ritchie Corrierro , Bill Soliday , Mona Vaughn , Matt Zeboski, Clarence Marshall, Joel Murphy , Daphne Alexandrou , Shawnie Pendergast whew! Abernathy , Miss Wolfe , Miss Dickinson and of course Mr. The writing was vibrant and memorable , the plots lively and exciting. a hangout called Bumpers furnished with battered carnival rides ?

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Odd , odd batch of stories for teens that make the world of pageants seem tens times more vapid than I thought. Cool covers (which could be Australian only ) featured models in totally hip threads and a shifting backdrop that could be speckled or zebra striped! Don’t let the Christian theme spook you the stories bounce along with a fresh, felicitous tone making family the center of the stories but is also in tune enough with young readers not to forget timely subjects such as bullies , boyfriends , first love , even mysteries.

The series was written by Jane Foster Thornton who, unlike some other series authors seems to have written little else for preteens or teens ( though I have been anticipating this read more than any other series that has escaped my clutches – Roots of Love , Dawn of Love , and Changes.) This cover is Bantam’s publishing concept however on sellers offer the series published by Warner. The stories carry Elizabeth from her arrival on the Johnson family farm when she is called Libby till she begins to blossom into an young woman who is then called Elizabeth, changing the plots to accommodate her age and interests. Elizabeth Gail and the Trouble at Sandhill Ranch 1980 6.

I love you more than Chocolate – Francis Hurley Grimes – 1985 142. Hungarian Rhapsody – Marilyn Youngblood – 1985 144.

What I know about Boys – Mc Clure Jones – 1985 141. Call back yesterday – Doreen Owens Malek – 1985 147.

Somebody like Jeremy Vaughn – Bea Alexander – 1983 45.