Dating ddirect

Awaiting a refund under their terms and conditions “the 14 day cooling down period”, when I wrote cancelling my membership after only two days asking for a refund under their terms, I received an e-mail back saying they had cancelled my auto-renewal, this is not what I… Fine print also indicated that it would not be refunded as a renewal.

Sooooo annoyed and will not be doing any more dating online.

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- Protecting your peace of mind: Dating Direct has a blacklist function which allows members to block contact from another member.

- A service you can trust: Dating Direct will never create fake profiles to artificially increase the list of people you can meet.

It is a very simple and self explanitory site to use.

Established in 1999, Dating Direct is a UK based dating site where quality single adults who share common goals can make friends, date, form relationships and find life partners.

- Protecting personal information: Dating Direct will never share any of your personal data with other members.