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We are assured by Alexander's historians that the country and people round Mathura, when he invaded India, were termed Surasenoi.

There are two princes of the name of Sursen in the immediate ancestry of Krishna ; one his grandfather, the other eight generations anterior Which of these founded the capital Surpur,1 whence the country and inhabitants had their appellation, we cannot say Mathura and Cleisobara are mentioned by the historians of Alexander as the chief cities of the Surasenoi.

It has been mentioned as the seen of the incident between Sala and the tiger. According to another version, when Sala was hunting along the slopes of the Sahya mountains (or the Western Ghats), he was astonished to see a hare (SKt. The founder of the Wodeyar dynasty, Vijaya, also claimed descent from the Yadu and took on the name Yadu-Raya. Mysore Palace is one of the beautiful landmark of the country. Raychoudhary (author of Social, Cultural and Economic History of India), a noted historian, "The Pandya kingdom generally associated with the Pandus of the Mahabarata covered the districts of Madura and Tinnivelly as well as certain portions of south Travancore." Dr. Manickam in his path-breaking work Kongu Nadu gives an expanded version of his doctoral thesis submitted to the university of Madras as follows, "It was noted that the pastoral people (Ayar) of the mullai land in Kongu formed the major component of the Vellalar community of the medieval period. However, We come across references to Idaiyar of Kiranur, alias Kolumam Konda Cholanallur (SII : 3), Kon from the same place (SII : 5: 265,267,269), and Yatavar in two epigraphs from Chevur (Eye Copy 94,98).

When Sala,' an ornament of the Yaduvamsa' (Yaduvamsojvala tilakan) was worshiping the goddess Vasantike of Sasakapura, a tiger came from the forest. Sasa) pursuing a tiger, while he was walking alone saying to himself, 'this is heroic soil', a holy muni near by, being afraid of the tiger, called out ' Poy-Sala' and before it could proceed the length of a span Sala slew it with his sword (E. On the main Gate of Mysore palace, please see Lord Krishna's deity. Further, there are also references to Tiruvayappadi nattar, which indicate the supra-local activities of the herdsmen discussed in chapter 15.

As Raghav (Raghuvanshi) of Suryavansha, The Yaduvanshi is one of the sub-divisions of Chandravanshi Rajputs.* Surasena Kingdom* Vidarbha Kingdom* Dwaraka Kingdom* Kunti Kingdom* Saurashtra Kingdom* Heheya Kingdom* Nishadha Kingdom* Gurjara Kingdom* Karusha Kingdom* Chedi Kingdom* Dasarna Kingdom* Avanti Kingdom* Malava Kingdom* Anarta Kingdom* Youdheya Kingdom* Vijaya Nagara Kingdom Scholars, such as Robert Sewell, believe that the rulers of Vijayanagara Empire were Kurubas (also known as Yadavas). Singh Yadav, a famous historian, gives the following account in his Yadav's Through The Ages, “The Hoysalas ruled illustriously for over three centuries and have left in the country imperishable monuments of art and culture.