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There are over 200 family records, as well as a free Ulster-Scots app and the Foundation offers a range of research services.The page holds regular Q & A sessions with genealogy experts, who can point your research in the right direction.Millions of people have moved overseas from Ireland over the centuries: EPIC Ireland celebrates their achievements.

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It also offers basic advice if you’re just starting your family history search.

Ireland Reaching Out connects parishes around Ireland with people researching their family history from around the world.

An introduction to the library was given along with an opportunity to view original archives and primary source material that document the planning, development, media response and artists’ participation in the Rosc exhibitions.

Highlights included access to the Dorothy Walker Collection, the Patrick Scott Archive, and the Rosc ’71 Collection, a collection of correspondence and documentary materials donated by the Estate of James Johnson Sweeney.

It also maintains a wide range of searchable online records including census records of 19.