Dating a gemini men

He has great ideas, loves to keep busy, and needs frequent changes of scenery. Most Geminis have stomach problems or trouble sleeping. Most of them don’t eat enough, so they are usually thin.

Depending on where other planets are in their horoscopes, they may seem calm on the outside, but they are frenetically busy in a mental way. Gemini people are well read, they love music and plays, and nights out on the town.

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He has his tablet with him, surprisingly; it’s not yet part of his body.

As he is standing online and looking around at the people sitting at tables, Anthony, with wild, curly black hair, wearing a suit with bold colored shirt and tie, caught his eye, and was alone.

Anthony makes Justin feel like he’s a seriously interesting person (he is, but verification is always nice).

Time is limited though, but Justin didn’t get bored yet, and they passed the 15 minute mark!

Justin can pretty much get to work whenever he feels like it, as long as he can keep a computer system up and running.