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That ridiculous fantasy remains the backbone of popular sentiment, so the players can’t really fret about the responses they’re reading on social media following the union’s seeming threat of a spring training boycott, emitted in tweet bursts Friday from some agents and a statement by union chief Tony Clark (on Sunday, the union released a statement that there is no such threat).

The players need to do what’s best for them, what’s best for the players' association.

Back in 1987, the owners’ conspiracy to not tender offers to free agents from clubs other than their own was completely undermined and unveiled by the plight of Andre Dawson.

The All-Star outfielder reached free agency and initially generated offers until he embarrassed the Cubs into giving him a contract.

The other day, veteran Brandon Moss spoke frankly about the union’s current plight and suggested that the union was responsible because of the terms negotiated in the current CBA talks. 12: Does Clark believe the players are fully prepared and united to shut down the game?