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They have been professionally patterned and graded.

All brood comes from the queen that is included with the nuc.

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Because of existing brood, a nuc will expand in size from day one of installation.

When compared to a package (which has no brood), this allows for a more productive hive by mid-summer nectar flows.

You will be notified in advance when the exact pick-up date is announced.

The 5-frame nucs will be sold in transport-friendly cardboard nuc boxes. Contact Cary at Cascade Natural Honey Company if you have questions.

No caso da Ventura 195, o fabricante sugere o motor de 90 hp como o mais indicado, o que de fato comprovamos neste teste comparativo. 90 hp, o menor é o melhor No caso da Ventura 195, o motor que melhor se comportou neste teste comparativo foi o de menor potência oferecido pelo estaleiro, de 90 hp – embora, na prática, apenas cerca de 30% desses modelos vendidos saiam de fábrica com essa motorização.

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