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Desperate to redeem himself after killing seven people in a tragic accident, Will Smith sets out to save the lives of seven people by donating his own organs, a process that will end with his own suicide.

The grainy camerawork and various exposures, the snap zooms and quick edits all enhance the incessant sense of motion (and Scott actually tones it down here compared to some of his recent films like "Domino" and "Man on Fire," which were borderline incomprehensible).

The train rumbles and growls, rattles and clangs, and we're in the middle of it all — on the tracks, between the wheels, underneath and on top of the cars. And this time of year, when there's so much serious-minded awards bait out there, "Unstoppable" provides a welcome escape.

He was like 'word, wow, you are.' " "But I was proud of myself for keeping it to myself." Her hope is to keep "making the rounds" in an effort that the right people will know that she would be "one sexy vulcan." Her next movie hasn't hurt either.

The talented actress and outspoken activist has done a lot of amazing work in her 35 years on the planet.

You’re welcome for reminding you to re-watch it this weekend.