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House Majority Leader Micky Hammon, a co-sponsor of the bill, told reporters, “I am disappointed that these church leaders would seek to shield those who, by their very presence, break our laws.” “It is important to remember that the operative word in the phrase illegal immigrant is illegal,” Mr Hammon said.

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In a statement issued by university vice-chancellor Derek Mc Cormack, AUT said the thefts “relate to money in the research and development field” and were not from “student fees.

Nevertheless, AUT is largely a student and taxpayer-funded organisation and remains accountable to the highest accounting standards.” The case has been adjourned for two-weeks to permit a full accounting by the university.

Ntege is the chaplain of the Luganda Fellowship, a church organization founded in the 1970’s for Luganda-speaking Anglicans resident in greater London.

Luganda-language services are held the first two Sundays of the month at St John’s Waterloo and the last two Sundays at St Jude’s. Ntege is the second Ugandan clergyman of the Church of England arrested this year on immigration fraud charges.

In 2008 Islamist terrorists from Pakistan attacked a train station, hotel and other crowded areas killing 164 people.