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But one time during high school got a 30 [out of 100] on a math test. – He wants to some day be the lead in a melodrama drama.

– His prized possession is a piano that his mom bought for him when he was young. – Proud of himself when he sings and dances with eagerness.

He won’t do anything more than that, because she is the fan. – TOP was listed as #41 in Mnet’s TOP 100 “Must Have” Males for 2007 Other – Classmates with Park Tae Hwan (gold medalist at Beijing Olympics Summer 2008), even took the screening test with him Fun/Random: – His favorite nickname is 흑인 (African American) – His most memorable fan sign: Bachelor Young Bae – His clothing size is Medium. – Became ‘interested’ in music after hearing Brian Mc Knight’s first album when he was little. – Once when he was younger, he had a nightmare of a unicorn riding on his mom and flying. ” He texted his the other Big Bang members soon after with “HYUNGS IM DEAD! – Says if he weren’t a music artist, he’d be a Gag Man. – One of his favorite songs is ‘Frankie J – Don’t Wanna Try’.

– When asked what love is when he was younger(2002), he answered ‘diarrhea’. – Known as the stingiest member, when Big Bang get presents from fans they put them in a certain place, but Taeyang forgets and takes it all into his room. – His biggest conflict with GD was during trainee years and it was over a basketball game where he even grabbed GD by the collar because he was so mad. – Thinks it’s awkward when the two Seung Hyuns are left together.

JO , Pharrell , Maroon 5, Mondo Grosso – Songs he always sings at Karaoke are This Love [Maroon5] , Gi uk man ee ra do [Ann] – Answered to if he crushed on a girl in his fan group, that he would look for a chance to tell her that he likes her.